Xingyi Fan guarantees that the equipment provided is brand new, unused, manufactured with new design and suitable materials, and in addition to complying with the quality, specifications and performance stipulated in the contract in all aspects, it also conforms to the technical drawings submitted by the company And technical information. At that time, the owner is welcome to supervise and inspect the production site.

  • Spare Parts

Provide a reasonable reserve of common parts, vulnerable parts, and accident parts to ensure timely delivery and ensure worry-free operation of the equipment.

  • Unit Installation

Professional production and professional installation allow customers to save time, effort and money, and have over-value authoritative guarantees.

  • Maintenance Service

Whole-process monitoring, real "private" customization, provides quality assurance for the unit's "safe, stable, long, full, and excellent" operation.

  • Retrofit Surveying

Relying on advanced technology at home and abroad, we will break the old and create the new to meet the requirements of localization upgrading and transformation, and help customers achieve high-value benefits.

  • Monitoring And Diagnosis

Analysis and identification, fault diagnosis and online monitoring of domestic and foreign fan equipment can be carried out to eliminate hidden dangers in time and ensure long-term stable operation.

  • Technical Consulting

Provide various technical consulting services such as expert Q&A, data review, accident analysis, and driving guidance.