Show the unique style of Xingyi technology to the world


Innovation leads green space life


Honesty, truth-seeking, win-win


Innovation, never ending


Technology and management


Reputation wins trust, quality creates brilliance


Quality shows dignity, passion composes a splendid chapter

Xingyi, a national brand focusing on the fan manufacturing industry, solemnly declares to the world: reputation wins trust, quality builds brand, benefits mankind, and shares glory. This is the vow of Xingyi people, this is the ideal of Xingyi people, this is the prayer when Xingyi people sow seeds, and this is the hope of Xingyi people in their hard work.

Xingyi Enterprise pursues excellence, leads the development pattern of China's wind turbine industry, and is committed to mastering the internationalization of Fengke's intelligent high-end manufacturing products. "Innovation, never ending" is the food of Xingyi people's spirit; "Challenge oneself, never give up" is Xingyi people's innovative thinking.

In an economic era with increasingly fierce competition, Xingyi Enterprise relies on the core values ​​of "integrity, truth-seeking, and win-win" to cross the world, serve the country by industry, and have the ability and perseverance to stand up as the backbone of national brands.

The clarion call "Xingyi will always be the best partner of global stakeholders" has sounded. The world does not have perfect products, but Xingyi has a desire for perfection.

"Showing unique Xingyi technology to the world" is the common vision and direction of Xingyi people. "Science and technology to promote the enterprise, management to revitalize the enterprise" is the persistent purpose and survival outline of Xingyi people.

Xingyi, a bright oriental pearl, will always shine with infinite light.


  • I love Xingyi, I love Xingyi Fan!
  • Improve efficiency and keep innovating!
  • Xingyi is my home, and development depends on everyone!


Focus on creating value for customers

The success of the company's strategy is firstly based on providing more value to consumers, which is the most basic market law. If you blindly pursue a "price war", the end result will be both sides. We advocate the promotion of a "value war". Only by providing customers with high-quality, low-cost, high-quality products, and dedicated to creating better value for customers, will the company have opportunities for survival and development and room for growth.

The company's products are of high quality, competitive prices, low costs, and good service awareness. Customers will have a strong desire to buy and sales will naturally increase. Once the sales volume increases, sales revenue will increase, and costs and expenses will decrease with the increase in revenue. Only the company's survival and development will be healthy and upward.

If the company’s product quality is low, costs are high, and service awareness is poor, customers will give up buying our products, then sales will decline, sales revenue will decrease, costs will become higher and higher, and profits will appear negative . In this situation, there is no guarantee for employees’ wages, let alone salary increases and welfare improvements; the rights and interests of shareholders are not guaranteed; and the company can’t even talk about development.

Be honest and play fair

No matter who you are and where you are from, as long as you become a member of our Xingyi family, you are a worker who is respected, creates wealth for yourself and the society. Because here, the principles of work and life are: honesty and fair competition.

Honest, requires us to face our work seriously and with all our heart, and to face our colleagues friendly and sincerely. We put an end to the spread of gossip, prevent small reports, reject rumors, and do not listen to any unverifiable rumors. We must resolutely resist and crack down on people and things that use rumors to disrupt interpersonal relationships. We need to frankly discuss different opinions about work; we need to express opinions or opinions about others in time, sincerely care, and make progress together.

We not only care about and respect every employee, but also pay more attention to the value of every employee and our own development.

At Xingyi, you don't have to worry about your talents being buried. What we advocate is fair competition. Openness, fairness, and justice are our basic principles of doing things. However, there is no true absolute fairness. As long as you work hard, the opportunities are always equal. As long as you are meticulous, diligent, active, and achieve better results than others, you will quickly develop and realize your self-worth.

Work is my career

A person who doesn't love his job can accomplish nothing in his career. No matter how big a person's ambition and yearning are, he should work first. Work is not only the basic condition for our survival, but also the only way to realize our lofty ambitions and turn the blueprint in our hearts into reality.

We must survive first, and work remuneration is the basic source of our daily survival. Work means participating, thinking, and creating. Our career was born in this series of meaningful activities.

At work, our knowledge grows and our thinking matures. When we successfully complete a certain job, we will also find our talents and our own value will be reflected. For people who are willing to dedicate themselves to their careers, work is not a burden, but a kind of fun. It is an integral part of life, because only work can give full play to their talents and realize their own value.

Work gives us a career, and at the same time provides us with the opportunity to succeed. Without a job, there can be no career. Only when a person regards his work as a career can he devote all his enthusiasm to it, and he will not hesitate to give, and it is possible to achieve career success.

Responsibility for work is my bounden duty

Since work is our cause, it is our bounden duty to be responsible for work. The level of our material living standard depends on the labor price paid by each of us. An enterprise is the carrier of the growth and development of employees. Without the development of an enterprise, there would be no growth and development of employees. The rise and fall of an enterprise is closely related to the sense of responsibility of all employees. If the company’s benefits are not good, everyone’s treatment will naturally not be good; if the company is prosperous, everyone will not only enjoy good treatment, but will also be respected by the society and friends. Therefore, to be responsible for the high degree of work is to be responsible for yourself. Responsible for the height of the society. For the quality of an enterprise, every employee has an equally important responsibility.

Responsible for work requires that we first have a high degree of professionalism, consciously integrate our own career and life into the company’s development, possess a professional spirit of doing one’s work, loving one’s work, being precise and deep, and being brave to undertake Responsibility, emphasis on work quality and efficiency, and cultivate a serious and solid work style.

Work is the source of our happiness and wealth. Responsibility for work is an inescapable duty for each of us in this life.

Ask, talk, and teach more to your subordinates

We require managers at all levels of the company to become teachers of subordinates and become the "leaders" of the team, not the "little bullies". We must always care about the life and health of our subordinates and guide them to develop a positive and healthy lifestyle.

At work, each person in charge should ask more about the difficulties of his subordinates; explain his views and requirements more to his subordinates; give more guidance, education, and training to his subordinates. When assigning work to subordinates, there must be clear requirements (such as: clear deadlines for completion of the work, etc.). Vague time instructions such as "as soon as possible and complete as soon as possible" are invalid. If the subordinates do not follow the clear requirements, they can criticize, otherwise You cannot criticize subordinates at will.

We emphasize an open and flexible management system. We must communicate with our subordinates frequently, with less criticism and more encouragement, so that our subordinates will become outstanding talents of the company. Whoever cultivates more talents will contribute more to the company, and vice versa is not a good boss.

Everyone serves customers

We advocate high-quality services, not only for the majority of users who use our products, but also for the internal management of our company.

In the company, we emphasize that the superior serves the subordinates, and the upper process serves the next process. We treat colleagues, subordinates, and next processes as our customers. Every manager should regard his desk as a store counter, his subordinates as his own customers, and the relevant departments as his own customers; every employee should regard his operating desk as a small manufacturing factory, It is the factory owner who must provide the best service to his superiors and colleagues.

We advocate service consciousness, in fact, we advocate team spirit; advocate mutual respect and mutual help; advocate high standards of work; advocate reducing internal friction. Departments should pay attention to communication and exchanges, understand the overall situation, seek common ground while reserving differences; colleagues should understand each other, help each other, and establish a healthy and harmonious working environment and interpersonal relationship. Only in this way can the company's management level, quality level and production capacity be improved as a whole.

Inefficiency equals mistakes

Xingyi advocates high efficiency and fast pace, and eliminates low efficiency and slow pace. Why do some people seem to be busy all the time, but they always fail to achieve results or achieve results? The root is that they actually only do simple things and avoid difficult tasks. If all tasks in this world are composed of simple parts and no difficulties, no one will encounter setbacks or fail.

A reasonable schedule should be like this: the simple parts should be done quickly, and then the time saved is spent on the difficult parts. However, many people evade difficulties in the subconscious mind and spend almost all of their time dealing with the simple parts. As for the difficult parts, they simply ignore them, secretly hoping that the difficulties will disappear automatically. If you can't control this tendency to avoid, then no amount of time management skills will be effective, because in essence, a very important part of the task will never be completed. The so-called efficiency can only be measured when the task is completed. In this way, for people who avoid difficulties, no matter how long it eventually takes them, because the task is not completed completely, there is no efficiency at all.

Talent shines at work

When we say that a person is very talented, we mean that this person uses his talents to achieve outstanding results at work. If we want to realize our dreams in life, we must love our work, devote ourselves to work, continue to exercise, and improve our cognition and decision-making power, so that our talents can be revealed in our work.

People’s talents in all aspects are obtained through hard work in the past, and there are many things waiting for us to create and change tomorrow. If you do not work hard, it does not mean that others do not work hard; if you do not innovate, others will not be there waiting for you. Start now, start now to overcome your inertia, work actively, do not do things small, do not shrink back from big things, through continuous reflection on the lessons of success and failure, you will be different in the end. You will be successful and live out the highest state of your life.

It is necessary to treat difficulties as a challenge and a challenge as a responsibility. In the face of difficulties, we must remain calm and sensible, analyze problems seriously, solve problems, and overcome difficulties. In addition, we must effectively use and integrate the resources around us, let others trust you, help you, and work together to accomplish the goals of the work.